@@ Head office & plant

We are certified ISO9001 (quality management system) in order to ensure the most reliable quality and social reliance.

Quality Objectives

(1)Terminating customer claim
(2)Terminating in-house made rejected products.
(3)Improving the productivity

@By utilizing our management system, throughly arranged guideline, we try to provide the most reliable products to the customer.

@@ @Head office & plant

@We have been contributing the society and economy by providing "Linear Motion Systems" which support the development of state-of-the-art equipment such as the industrial robot, super precision measuring equipment and medical devices. We also realize our social responsibility that we have to hand over the healthy global environment to next generation, and this understanding leads us to our challenge to the continuous reduction of influence on the environment. We try to improve the maintenance of the nature environment through ISO certified environmental guideline.

Prinviple of Environmental Policy

Based on the participation of all employees and the related organizations, we propel environmental-friendly manufacturing / product development and positively tackle to protect the global environment.

Environmental Objectives

1.We utilize the environment managing system and keeps continuous improvements to prevent the environmental pollution.
2.We comply with the environmental laws and the other requirements that we agree with.
3.We set up the environmental goals within the range that technically and economically allows us and propels our activities for the environmental improvement.
@(1)Reducing the wastes.
@(2)Propelling saving evergy.
@(3)Managing environmentally influencing chemicals.

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